Wanna Makeover?

Hey!  Life is not a rehearsal!  We all have challenges and we all decide how we want to meet them.

Wake up and smell the coffee!  Getting real with your money takes humor, heart and courage.  And its hard to do alone.

If budgeting didn’t work, if confronting the stakeholders didn’t work, if ignoring the problem didn’t work, if talking with friends didn’t work, if that commissioned professional financial advisor (who sold you a lot of products) didn’t work, and if your still confused….

Then, you might be thinking: “Hey, I WANT my money makeover!”

If so, you’ve come to the right place.  Let me help.  I’ve got lots of great ideas to help you make sense of the painful money mess that sometimes overwhelms us.

Get clarity, get organized, get marvelously and permanently real with everything you claim as yours (and that’s not just the STUFF you have at home or work).

A wealth-filled life is more than money.  People want fulfillment and abundance. Make the transition from financial slavery to financial independence.

  • Learn what you need to know
  • Make financial choices with confidence and purpose
  • Use your skills, talents and strengths to achieve what YOU want more easily

The Creative Leap Coach is a certified financial coach with years of CPA experience.  Make the most of your time and money.

You can do it here: check out all the resources available RIGHT HERE free of charge!

Tom is affiliated with Wealth Strong® and Fin Lab® financial services.  He is a Certified Financial Coach™.  He is also affiliated with MSPP (Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology) and with CRR Global (Global Center For Right Relationship).

Tom holds a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching and is trained as an ORSC coach (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching).  He has studied Negotiation and Mediation with the Harvard Program in Negotiation, has volunteered as a Massachusetts District Court Mediator, holds a Masters Degree in Accountancy (MS) from Northeastern University and a Masters Degree in Human Resource Education (MA) from Boston University.  Tom received his BA from Bowdoin College where he studied theatre and political science.  Tom originally grew up in the Detroit area (graduating from Cranbrook School in Birmingham MI).  He relocated to the New England area after completing his BA.

Tom took and passed the CPA exam on first sitting. He is currently working towards his Associate Certified Coach credential (ACC level Coach) with the International Coaching Federation.  To maintain his coaching credential, Tom completes 10 hours of CPE every year.