Coaching is not Advising

Many people are confused.  Is Financial Coaching different from Financial Advising?

  • Financial Advising attempts move a client in the direct of a specific financial plan with a specific set of investment products that the client is being asked to accept.
  • Financial Coaching is open-ended exploration of the values, habits, and behaviors that a client wants to change so he/she can achieve a specific financial goal which they select.

My job is to make you aware of how your financial concerns match up with the various goals that you set for yourself. And there are, of course, some markers of good financial management which I teach.  But the actual agenda of what is discussed is always under the client’s control and discretion.  I serve the needs and objectives that you choose to explore.

Coaching is about advocacy, support, and education.  I partner with you to discover what’s right for you.  If particular tools and strategies make sense to you, then we will look in those areas — together.  Learning what you don’t know is different from buying a financial product off the shelf.  Many people buy a financial product without fully understanding how it works and what are the risks might be.  Coaching (as advocacy, support, and education) clarifies what’s potentially missing and helps you make financial decisions with confidence and purpose.

When you are ready to buy a financial product, I will be happy to refer you to a couple of people and let you make the decision.

My business income is derived from coaching only.  Period.  While I do make money from the money management tools offered on this site, the total amount of income that I make is minor.  Because I am affiliated with Wealth Strong® and Fin Lab®, I am able to offer these tools at a greatly reduced cost.  Because I am familiar with these tools, I can also help you make the most of them.

I have two pay-rates: one direct coaching and another for strategic thinking on your behalf that takes place away from the time we spend together. You decide how much of either you want.