Coaching Services

The Creative Leap Coach offers lots of a variety of services:

  • One-on-One Coaching.  Leap into your greatness and discover how the availability of wealth brings you back to wholeness.  Whether you are an individual, couple, or even a business – it doesn’t matter.  Money presents strategic challenges that require both knowledge and heart.  Discovering that we are more than our money and that every challenge around money recommits us to harmony, peace and cohesion.  Be the greatness for which you were intended. Discover what it means to be financially fit and ready to go.
  • Situation-Specific Coaching.  The triggers that cause us to re-evaluate our financial situation are many.  Whether you are…
    • Wanting to get out of debt
    • Changing jobs
    • Retiring or returning to school
    • Getting married
    • Starting a family
    • Tired of your 30-year mortgage
    • Running a Business
    • Going through a divorce
    • Becoming a caregiver
    • Settling an estate
    • OR just … re-evaluating how you want to be with your money.

Then let me help you to bridge the divide.  If ‘where-you-are’ is not ‘where-you-want-to-be,’ then the divide maybe more than just a money problem. Money is one way that life comes at us; for some, it is the one way to be focused and engaged, even if that engagement works against them.

Your ‘inner wealth’ is unlimited despite what your ‘outer weath’ might tell you.  Discover what you know already without your even knowing it.

  • Financial Awareness Coaching.  Managing the possiblity of money requires knowledge and skill.  We all want the possiblity that money offers.  And cash flow longevity (making your money meet the goals you set for yourself) requires a range of money mangement skills.  Let me help you organize the data that makes earning, spending, and saving more fun for you!  Learn how to empower yourself with the tools, tips, and techniques that can make money management more successful—for you.