Packages and Plans

Everyone is different.  Expectations are diverse.  What I offer is a promise: You will get more value that you expect.  Every time.

In fact, I’m so committed to that promise that I only accept payment once my clients are completely satisfied.  If you do not feel 100% satisfied then let’s talk – on my time.  Every coaching relationship is a partnership and I want to know you’re satisfied.

To keep things simple, I offer two basic service plans.  All services are based on my $80 per hour rate.

My service plans are intended to create an expectation regarding the duration of our work.  You are, of course, free to discontinue services at any time.

For first time clients, payment for services is expected at the end of your first service plan package.  If, after that, you want more time – at a discount – then a longer package plan can be arranged.  Many people simply renew the package plan that they started with.  When you set up your second service plan, payment is expected in advance.

By offering two short-term service plans, a stronger sense of accomplishment and accountability is created.  Take only what you want.  And get only that result—that you want.

3-pack educational plan.  If your only goal is to work through one of the available tools listed on my website and you are looking to get some help with inputting and evaluating the data.  This is the plan for you.  For $240, I will help you work through the input process and discuss the strategic importance of the information you discover.

5-pack development plan.  If you want to develop a strategy that addresses a specific problem, it often takes at least two more sessions to clarify the strategic choices that you want to make.  By working with one of the financial management tools, you can hone in on the specific decision points that will lead to change.   For $400, not only will we work through the input process and discuss the strategic importance of the information you discover – we will also clarify how to move forward with an action plan.  Change is not just the development of a new awareness, new skill are needed.  With two more sessions, we can begin working towards the empowerment that comes from practicing new skills and moving in a new direction.

FREE Introductory 45-minute session.  Every client receives a free 45-minute introductory session. The purpose of this session is to discover how I can be of service to you and to learn more about the specific issues that you want to discuss.  Every session builds on the agenda that you set up.  This first session lets you discover what it’s like to be in control of where you want to go.