Who Benefits?

If you think about your money situation … what grabs your attention?….

  • My Retirement
  • My Debt
  • My Kid’s Education
  • My Credit Score
  • My Mortgage
  • My Savings
  • My Bills
  • My In-laws

OK.  I might not be able to help you with your In-Laws.  But everything else is fair game.

What makes financial coaching beneficial is that it can address a wide variety of concerns.  The people who benefit most are concerned.  They don’t know why they are confused and anxious.

Money “in the bank” is one thing, but feeling confident that everything is “as it should be” — that is clearly something else.

My point here is that an understanding of your situation is larger than your cash flow.  Every financial goal requires knowledge and courage.  I advocate on your behalf.  The more you LEARN about what you don’t know, the more you can make the right changes to achieve what you want.

Making your money work for you is more than standing in financial reality, its also strategizing your potential options.  The financial goals you set for yourself, DO need your time, energy and attention – they also need the advocacy, support and education that a coach can offer.

People ask me to explain: “Just how does this work?”

As a Certified Financial Coach™, I am dedicated to coaching you to achieve the transformational moments and experiences necessary to begin living and practicing new habits and skills for living your wealth-filled life!  I coach you to get up and running with a financially empowered attitude, and then, if appropriate, I partner with you by providing consulting – providing tools, systems and consulting to help you build your wealth-filled legacy!  You will always know the role I am playing because you will be asked if you wish for me to switch hats.  Only then will we move into a consulting relationship which builds on the life goals you have defined.

Coaching is advocacy, support, and education.  I partner with you to discover what’s right for you.  If particular tools and strategies make sense to you, then we will look in those areas — together.  Learning what you don’t know is different from buying a financial product off the shelf.  Many people buy a financial product without fully understanding how it works and what are the risks might be.  Coaching (as advocacy, support, and education) clarifies what’s potentially missing and helps you make financial choices with confidence and purpose.