Privacy Policy

Financially Fit and Ready to Go is a financial coaching web site.

All coaching services provided directly to clients is considered an off-site service and these services are handled under the confidentiality arrangements that are made with each client.  Information provided as part of normal web site operations is covered under this privacy policy.

Unless otherwise stated, Financially Fit and Ready to Go web site nor the Creative Leap Coach endorses any individual, product or service described in, offered or linked to this Web site.

We strive to maintain accurate and up-to-date information at all times.

Information We Collect On-line
If you subscribe to the blog, Financially Fit and Ready to Go collects your email address; it is NOT shared with third parties.

How We Use That Information
Email addresses and other contact information that gathered as part of a tool or product trial is only used to update participants on specific tool or product developments as they apply to Financially Fit and Ready to Go clients; these trials are being offered through third party vendors who are affiliated with the Certified Financial Coach program and other are training professionals themselves.

With Whom That Information May Be Shared
Financially Fit and Ready to Go will NOT share or sell any information collected to any third party. Third party vendors who are affiliated with Financially Fit and Ready to Go, the Certified Financial Coach program, and other training professionals have all agreed to restrict the disclosure of contact information so that it conforms with this privacy statement.  We reserve the right to provide information collected when compelled or required to by law.

Choices Available Regarding Data Collection
By providing your email address you have chosen to have Financially Fit and Ready to Go contact you regarding products services and other updates that are from time to time implemented on this web site.

Personally Identifying Information of Visitors
Financially Fit and Ready to Go does not require that visitors submit any personally identifying information, nor does it collect any without your knowledge. In our Contact Me section, we do request that you give us some information about yourself so that we can enhance our services to better meet your needs. This information is not required in order to visit our website nor is it required in order to obtains services.

Any interactive forms on our site that request information from our registrants or visitors will be preceded by privacy statements telling you how this information is used. The information gathered will be used only for the stated purpose(s).
[In addition, all information submitted through these forms may be used to enhance our services and for our internal research, evaluation and other tracking purposes.]

If you choose to email Financially Fit and Ready to Go and the Creative Leap Coach, any personally identifying information you provide will be used for the purposes of response only. Please keep in mind that email is not entirely secure and can be intercepted, so only submit information that is necessary for us to respond appropriately to your comments or questions.

Standard Tracking Information
Financially Fit and Ready to Go does gather information that does not identify our users personally, through standard Web site tracking. The information gathered in the tracking process is limited to:

    1. The date and time of your visit to Financially Fit and Ready to Go and which pages you accessed.
      The domain name of the Internet server you use for Web access
    2. The type and version of the Web browser you use to navigate to read Financially Fit and Ready to Go information, such as Internet Explorer version X or Netscape Navigator version X.
    3. The operating system your computer uses, such as WindowsNT or Linux.
    4. The URL of the referring Web site (the last Web site you visited before Financially Fit and Ready to Go.)

Disclosure of Information Policy
We do NOT sell, distribute, or otherwise disclose any information about our site visitors, registrants or other individuals using this site without their express permission, given in the form of registering her or himself on our website, or unless required to do so under Federal law in the event of a law enforcement investigation, and/or for research, evaluation and tracking purposes.

Limitation of this Privacy Policy
Financially Fit and Ready to Go includes links to other external Web sites. These sites are not bound by our privacy policy and we do not take responsibility for the policies of these sites. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the policies of sites that you visit in order to better safeguard your privacy.

Choices Available Regarding Data Collection
By providing your email address you have chosen to have Financially Fit and Ready to Go contact you regarding updates to the site.

Correcting Information
To change, correct, or remove your email address from our contact list, please contact us. In addition any questions regarding our policy can be directed to that email address.

Changes To Privacy Policy
This privacy policy and security provisions will be updated as needed upon the site launch date and any subsequent update. Information gathered under our current policy will continue to be governed by the above stated standards.

Contact Me
If you have any questions regarding Financially Fit and Ready to Go policies, please contact us so we can address your concerns.